1000 Words...

Seeing is believing.

What's it About?

Large family life is wonderful. While it does pose it's particular challenges, it has lots of rewards...and lots of laundry. This blog is a place where large families can showcase, in pictures, many of the aspects of their day-to-day lives. A pictures is worth a 1000 words, and what better way to give others a glimpse into our unique lives than with photos!

Our Pictures

The photos in this blog have been graciously donated by members of Lotsofkids.com for use on our site/blog. These personal pictures remain the property of the original owners. We ask that our visitors respect copyright laws and refrain from taking any of the pictures for your personal use.


Dirties sorted in basket, cleans folded on chair.

Folded and ready for children to put away. Though it's not all done yet...

Submitted by JennP/tripntwinmom


This photo is the full-size version of the picture that is featured at the top of this blog.

Submitted by Kim/kmomof12

Milk for the Week

Submitted by ChristiMomof14

Picture from the Past

While looking for something on the Web, I came upon this poster from the late 1960s. I thought it was interesting to see a family depicted with 4 children. I went looking for modern day ads only to find most show 2 kid families, maybe 3...even for vans. Anyhow, the pictures is neat.

Submitted by Michelle/Mirz