1000 Words...

Seeing is believing.

What's it About?

Large family life is wonderful. While it does pose it's particular challenges, it has lots of rewards...and lots of laundry. This blog is a place where large families can showcase, in pictures, many of the aspects of their day-to-day lives. A pictures is worth a 1000 words, and what better way to give others a glimpse into our unique lives than with photos!

Our Pictures

The photos in this blog have been graciously donated by members of Lotsofkids.com for use on our site/blog. These personal pictures remain the property of the original owners. We ask that our visitors respect copyright laws and refrain from taking any of the pictures for your personal use.


For over a year, I have been wanting to start a section of LotOfKids.com featuring pictures of large family life. Like most people, I am fascinated looking into the lives of others. I realized that as a mother of 8 children, many would love to take a peek into my life--or any other large family for that matter. It's the reason why series like "Kids by the Dozen" are popular, and why more and more large families are being featured in the media.

I had grappled with several ideas on how I could do this project, including photo galleries and online books, then decided that a photo blog would be the best format for this endeavor. So, below you will find snapshots into the lives of those with lots of kids. Some will feature the good, some the bad, some the beautiful, and some the ugly. But all will show the unique and wonderful make-up that is called a large family.

Updated 4/30/09: We've had a rough few months with project and extended illness. We have had several submissions of picture to this blog and will be posting them over the next couple of weeks! Be sure to check back...or add us to your follow-list!


As owners of Lotsofkids.com, every now and then our family is featured in articles about large families. Often, we need to provide a picture of our crew. After all the frowns, chipmunk faces, and goofy looks, it usually takes about 20-30 pictures to get one that is good enough to use. Here is one of the outtakes for a session we did for an upcoming article.

Submitted by mirz

Sorting Laundry

Keeping on top of the laundry means being organized. This mom utilizes a system which allows her children to help her put up the laundry.

Submitted by tiddlywinks


No, this is not a laundromat. This is the laundry room of a mother of 7. Two sets of high-capacity machines helps her keep on top of her laundry load!

Submitted by schatje

Lots of Shoes

Shoe storage can be hard when you have a large family. This mom of 5 (soon to be 6) came up with this clever storage solution.

Submitted by melsmunchkins

Lots of Dogs

At first glance you would think this was a set-up for a birthday party. No, it's just dinner for a family of 7.

Submitted by Anniepooh

Camping fun

Looks like a normal tent...until you notice all the shoes outside!

Submitted by Anniepooh